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Since incorporation in 1996 we have always taken great pride in our customers achievements. One way in which we share in our customers triumph is by asking them what they thought of our services by sending out a customer satisfaction questinonnaire.

We have comments dating back to 1993 in our archive and maintain a page here of our most recent comments.

These are old testimonials. Since 2013 we no longer publish testimonials after receiving advice that they could be conceived as endorsements by the officers concerned, which is not permitted. We do still get them and our subscriptions are all current.


After 18 years in the police in various specialist roles i became totally de skilled in front line procedures and legislation etc. After returning to front line policing, I took the plunge and decided to take the part 1 Sgt's exam in March. I invested in the ICAL anywhere software and have got to say i found it invaluable. I ended up passing with 70 percent and should really have scored a little higher. I would suggest that the questions be tweaked to represent the questions this year as I feel there were some question types which were different to your syllabus, however all in all your system is invaluable in teaching studying technique and exam preparation and was a life saver to me..... Many thanks. A Roper.

March 2013


I wanted to pass on my thanks for your invaluable Inspectors Online Q&A product. I solely used this to prepare for my recent Inspectors Part 1 and passed with 71% so am very happy indeed. The study setting is fantastic by linking direct to the legislation to show what we need to know. My first session of 150 questions took 3 1/2 hrs and by the last session, the day before the exam I was just over 2 1/2 hrs so your product really helped me get into a rhythm which meant I didn’t have to panic about timings on the day of the exam.

The web version meant I could log on at work, home or if hanging around waiting for my wife etc.

I had previously used the Sgts product and passed with that too so owe you a massive Thank you

I am more than happy for you to use my comments in the customer testimonials if you wish.



November 2013


Please accept my honest and sincere thanks for your help. I used the ICAL Q&A in preparation for my Inspectors Part One Exam. I passed and passed very well. The question format was similar to the real thing, and yes your team was very helpful when I needed them, the honest assessment was super. The mock exams you set shows you know a lot about this promotion exam that you let us all believe!! It’s not just coincidence that I am facing similar questions during the real thing or is it?

I definitely will be recommending your materials to any other candidate who would like to feel the same sense of satisfaction like me.

Best Regards


November 2013

Dear Sir or Madam, Whilst I had started to study for the 2010 sergeants exam, I was in two minds whether to spend money on the ICAL question/answers package as 99.00 (price has since been cut), the cost at the time was too much and there was a risk in whether it would help me pass. However, I took the courage to spend the money and used this study aid along with the Blackstones police manuals and as a result of your study package I passed my Ospre with 74%. By doing the questions and answers on almost a daily basis for six months and spending several hours locked away in my study room, it made answering the actual questions on the day a lot easier and with speed. Therefore I will definitely be recommending your study package to future candidates. Furthermore I was impressed with the online support when I had a query with a question. It was worth the money and I will certainly use ICAL again for my inspectors. There is a lot of competition out there with different companies offering study aids, but you are the real deal. Thank you for a very useful study aid.

Thank You I have used this software for my detectives examination back in june 2009, and achieved the highest grade within my force with 83%. I then decided to give the sergeants a go and started to study in january 2010, as i was limited in time i decided just to use the ical software again without reading the blackstones. I have just found out that i have passed part 1. Many Thanks
Have passed both Sgts and Insp part one on first occasion via use of ICAL and Tom Barron crammer books.

I have used your question disc for the DC, Sgt and now Insp exam. I passed all first time so thank you very much! The staff on the telephone when I called to register were very helpful and efficient.

I found the software easy to use and the explanation to the questions was clear and informative. Every time I had to phone ICAL I found the staff very helpful and polite. Thank you for all your assistance.

Couldn't have done it without the ICAL questions.

Thanks! Your system helped me pass the sgt and insp exams.

I found the benefit of using your product invalauble for my studies. I would highly recommend your product to anyone studying for sgt/insp exam. Your staff have been top rate. Thank you once again.

Good package and timetable. Explanation in same questions good. Some questions need to be similar to Blackstones online Q+A. Thank you for your help, passed first time.

Excellent product.

I've liked OSPRE but I actually did the Centrex MOD police one.Passed exam third time I took it and first time I bought ICAL prouct.

I found the ICAL programme very easy to use, versatile and helpful on the choice of study modes. However, the exam questions were more intense and required reading more than once for me to understand what they were asking. No fault of your software. I would use it again.

ICAL produce a fantastic system that is very user-friendly. I particularly liked the stats recording and the facility to print off a paper.

Very good product and I couldn't have passed the exam without it!

Used the questions for my sgts and insp exams and passed both first time. Excellent, thanks!

Very good support/guidance from Jim. It was key to me passing the exam.

Due to late studying I ended up using ICAL to focus my studies on my weak areas. An invaluable aid. Thank you.

As a substantive Inspector I use your product as a refresher/reminder when changing roles.

Practice through the use of ICAL is the best way to pass OSPRE part one.

I had a very busy year and did not put the work in. I will pass next year. You have a great product, easy to use , a great method of getting required info in, especially for officers with dyslexia.

I used ICAL for both sergeant and inspector exam and passed both 1st time. What more can I say, the product works. I recommend it to everybody I come into contact with, whatever part one exam they are taking. Thank you.


Without the additional Q+A's by Ical it would have been difficult to pass on crammer books alone. Timing the Q+A's during the exam is vital. Ical prepared me extremely well for this.

Just to let you know your product is fantastic, passed the Sgt Pt 1 exam with an 'Exceptional' pass mark of 76%. Thanks to all for the product, would recommend to anyone!

After using an old Blackstone's copy and your tutorial package 4 evenings a week for 1 hour for a period of 6 months I achieved an overall pass mark of 75%, which put me in the top 5% nationally. Thanks for a well designed and useful training tool which without, I do not think I would have achieved the results I did. Many Thanks

Telephone support re questions of law were well handled. Still found question format very different from exam, but the system worked so it can't be that bad. Thanks for a good product, good support when I had a minor software problem. I would recommend the product and would use it again myself.

Last year I failed the exam by 2%. This year I passed with the help of ICAL and view it as money well spent. The structure of the questions and answers are excellent and clear up any uncertainties. The study guide and area performance indicator are also a good tool.

The staff were very helpful and polite. Overall an excellent service which I would highly recommend for future colleagues.

I found the sergeants questions excellent. Not only were they similar to the actual exam, but being able to sit mock exams mentally prepared me for 3 hours of multiple choice.

The study plan was extremely useful, allowing me to select how many hours, how many days and from whatever date I wanted to start studying. This is all I used to pass. Excellent.

I've used [OTHER PROVIDER #1],[OTHER PROVIDER #2] and now ICAL. I failed with the other two. ICAL is far superior, easier to use and has more options.

Excellent questions, very similar to the actual exam. Without using your question package I would not have passed the exam at my first attempt. I would have no hesitation in recommending your product to anyone taking the exam. Can I say a big thanks to you for a first rate package.

Good package! I don't think I would have passed without using ICAL questions.

I used your system predominantly. The study programme was excellent and I have recommended it to 3 or 4 people so far. The exam this year went into much finer detail than before.

To be honest I was dreading studying for the exam. To my surprise I quite enjoyed it with the help of ICAL. On the exam day I felt that I had already sat the exam. Thanks, and I will be using ICAL for my Inspectors exam.

Thank you very much. I attended a [COMPANY NAME DELETED] 3 day course. This together with your package played a huge part in my passing. I thank you for this great package.

I think purchasing the questions made all the difference. I actually recognised similar questions in the exam. Thanks.

The tech support provided with ICAL is fantastic. Keep up the good work.

I completed 50 to 100 questions every day for 6 weeks and read the [COMPANY NAME DELTED] crammer textbook and passed the exam. Info was very clear and very well set. Easy to use and questions are realistic and harder than the exam questions so it prepared me well.

Your product really assisted me with my studies. I used it daily.The only thing that I found that could be improved were some of the questions were repetative and the way the answers are formatted should be changed to how they will be set out in the exam.

I pased the exam because I used your excellent questions.

Very good, by using ICAL regularly I feel I was better prepared to pass.

I have been very impressed with your product. I did recommend it to colleagues who I know purchased the package. ICAL definitley helped me pass and I did do every single question. Many thanks.

Found it a great help. I passed 1st time and will recommend it to colleagues. Will use it again for the Inspectors in a few years. Thank you.

Loved your product. I have passed DC and PS exams first time and now my husband is using your product for his Inspectors exam.

I am a trainer and l always use the questions before teaching a lesson.

Very easy to use and study programme was a very good way of learning in order to keep going.

The computer software was easy to use and probably the reason I passed the part 1 ospre sgts exam.

ICAL was worth every penny and helped me to understand how to read the question properly and pointed out my weaknesses.
Excellent software,questions and explanations - got 86.4% and secured "exceptional pass". I am convinced that this was mostly due to Questionmaster.

The ICAL disc got me through without doubt!

Out of the four study systems I subscribed to I felt that yours provided the most taxing questions.I have recommended your product to colleagues who are sitting for promotion this year.I am sure your product assissted me achieving the fantastic result that I did - 90% and 7th in the country. Many thanks.

I found the question package invaluable and used it greatly.However, I did discover the exam questions much more straight forward.

The ICAL disc was an excellent help when studying.

The format of the questions should follow more closeley the format used by OSPRE. Overall I would not have passed without this disc. The ability to do exams daily was critical to my passing.

Passed eventually! Put a bit of effort in this time!

Fantastic support from staff when I called to say I had moved from desk top to laptop and couldn't use questions. Thank you.

Once again, ICAL excellent!

Not having the internet at home I could not get the online update. However, your letter and then fax to receive an update disc was simple and easy and the disc arrived promptly.

I found Questionmaster combined with the crammers and CD's was the right combination for me. I concentrated on Questionmaster towards the end. The explanations really re-inforced my learning.

Last year I used [COMPETITOR NAME DELETED] and failed. This year I used ICAL, [COMPETITOR NAME DELETED] and a course and passed. Whether I passed due to ICAL, [COMPETITOR NAME DELETED] or a combination I don't know but thanks anyway.

I have been a sgt for over three years and used the ICAL disc when studying back then. I renew the questions each year so I can keep my knowledge up. ICAL questions are excellent and I have recommended you to many others over the last four years.

Very good. Third time I have used the sytem.

ICAL questions were probably tougher than those in the exam, but that was good preparation. Exam question mode and scoring was a good indication of your progress. Only criticism is the double negatives , there were none in the exam. Having said that, it made you aware of the potential pitfall of not reading the question properly.

Your questions are difficult which fully tests your understanding and prepares you for exam question trip-ups. However, the traffic questions are a bit too in depth.

All good: went well with Tom Barron books. Thanks.

An excellent product which I have recommended to all my staff.

There were straight lift questions on the actual exam that I had previously seen on ICAL.

I was very satisfied with the product. I use the internet to obtain updates. The product was easy to use and allowed you to develop your own style of study.

A great study aide that I would recommend to anyone!

Would use ICAL again. I took my study leave abroad so it was ideal to download the cd to my laptop.


The questions were invaluable to me passing the exam. I was able to target my weak areas. A real confidence boost. Excellent!

I found the questions prepared me better for the exam.I thought it was very helpful to print your own paper tests. I would recommend it to my friends.

Great product, major factor in passing the exam first time. Thank you.

Software easy to use and excellently referenced with Blackstones index numbers. I had a couple of queries which were answered quickly(via e-mail) and explained and checked at length(by phone). Well worth the money. The proof is in the pudding - I passed!

I loved ICAL. I thought Questionmaster was very good, especially that it told me which answer I had got wrong and why.

On speaking to colleague since the exam, I personally feel that the ICAL package is by far the best product with a wide range of different questions with superb extras: statistics, tutor, topic selection.

I am convinced this package assisted me in passing this year.The questions helped me to fine tune into the Centrex mind set. Thank you

I am so pleased I passed, I spent 180 hours studying. Many thanks!

I found the ICAL disc probably the most useful learning and revision tool I bought. Thanks

Using ICAL and Blackstones I got a whole range of questions which prepared me well for the exam.

I am grateful to ICAL as I mainly used you to study as I found it easier to sit with a computer doing questions than sitting down and reading a book.I did think, however, that the exam questions were much harder than ICAL. Maybe it is just me. Thank you!

The package was easy to use, the explanations spot on. I will and have recommended ICAL to others. Also it is good value for money.

An invaluable part of my study that helpled me pass. Speaking to colleagues with other software packages I feel I picked the best one for me.3000 regularly updated questions, various study options and great explanations. I can't recommend it enough.

Very useful. Questions and answers formed the backbone of my studying as well as a crammer course.

ICAL computer study disc was excellent and was used for 80% of my study programme. I would recommend it to anyone taking the exam.

Could not have passed the exam without your product! Best money I ever spent. Many of your questions came up in the exam.Hope to pass part two and then study for Inspectors.

Pleased that I passed my sergeants part 1 exam. I believe that the ICAL computer programme really assisted me in passing.

Very satisfied with the product. Would recommend to colleagues. Will use it if I do the Inspector exam.

Your software is very good and the questions were very similar to those in the exam. I passed first time. I would not have done this without ICAL and have told colleagues who failed to buy your software.

Thank you. Without the practice exams I wouldn't have passed. There were at least 20 questions in the exam that were in the practice exams. Will recommend to colleagues.

Brilliant study aid. Some of the punctuation was missing in several of the questions which made them a bit confusing. Can't believe I passed the exam, undoubtedly due to ICAL and Tom Baron products that I used. Many thanks.

Excellent. excellent, excellent

I kept repeatedly doing the mock tests in the software programme. I did not study from any other material/books. Your explanations of the answers were very simply presented making it all the more easier to understand.

I am confident that the main reason I passed the exam was due to completing the entire 3000 question database and therefore thinking in exam mode, not real time mode.

not study from any other material/books. Your explanations of the answers were very simply presented making it all the more easier to understand.

I am confident that the main reason I passed the exam was due to completing the entire 3000 question database and therefore thinking in exam mode, not real time mode.

A very useful tool which was key in helping me pass the exam. I have already recommended one of my colleagues to buy your disc for the Inspectors exam. Thanks for a brilliant tool!

I have always found the staff very helpful, friendly and a credit to your company.

I honestly do not think that I would have passed OSPRE part 1 without the excellent ICAL package.

The staff are unbelievably helpful when I've phoned up for assistance and the delivery of products through postal systems is fantastic.

I feel that the ICAL questions are more like the real exam questions than the Blackstones Q+A. I will be using ICAL for the 2009 exam. Thanks.

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